Group travel packages for business, family or holiday travel, including group rates for hotels and resorts in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain and the UK.

Group Travel Packages:

We can tailor your package to your needs.

You will need to submit a request for a quote to obtain prices. The following process applies;

Step 1
Quote In Process

Your quote request will be sent to one of our local offices. The quotation will be ready within 48 to 72 hours..

Step 2
New Quotation

At this Stage, your quotation is ready. You will be given a quotation to review. You have the option to reserve, modify or cancel.
Accepted Quotation
When you have accepted the quotation, our office will make the reservation and confirm as soon as possible.

Step 3
In process mode.

Option A) Modifications to your quotation are requested and processed. Further to your requests, the local office will modify your quotation and make ready to be viewed.
Option B) You have chosen to cancel this quotation.

Step 4

Further to your acceptance, the reservation will then be confirmed. Your vouchers will be ready to be printed.

The following packages are prepared for groups requiring 10 or more rooms, or 20 or more passengers.

For smaller groups, please indicate size of group when you Request A Quote.



For Pre-Arranged Packages, please follow these links.

Ready-To-Go Group Travel Packages - 10 Room Minimum





Ready-To-Go Group Travel Packages - 10 Room Minimum

Pre-Arranged Escorted Tour & Excursion Packages


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